Hello and welcome to my new venture, CookStory, a cartoon cookbook based on recipes gathered on my travels as a food-writer over - well - about half a century, give or take. 

I'll be posting a new CookStory every week, depending on the season, keeping the main page free of charge.  Later on, for those who enjoy going a little deeper, or are just happy to support my work, I'll switch on Paid Subscriptions, where you'll find related recipes and images from my sketchbooks, the raw material of the cartoons.

 See you next week, folks - same time, same place!

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Cookstory is a show-and-tell way of looking at how people cook at home all over the world. The images are based on my own watercolour sketches collected over a lifetime of travelling with my paintbox.


I've been writing about food and other things for about forty years, but my early working life (after children and a stint at Private Eye in the satire movement of the 1960's!) was as a natural history artist at London's Tryon Gallery.